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Antifa militants have their way with Portland cops, throwing snowballs at their backs before officers finally take cover in bureau


'Quit your jobs!' the militants yelled at the officers

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @BGOnTheScene

Video shows a crowd of Antifa militants outnumbering a pair of Portland police officers who then apparently decide they don't want to stick around and talk about the snowy weather.

The clip then shows the cops walking quickly down a sidewalk as the militants repeatedly holler "Quit your jobs!" and actually throw snowballs and kick snow at the officers.

Soon the officers arrive at the city of Portland Police Bureau where a door opens for them, and the cops retreat from the indignity, the door closes, and the militants celebrate getting away with it:

What was the reaction?

Commenters reacting to the Twitter video posted early Saturday morning seemed decidedly disgusted at the continued lack of respect for police — and especially the danger that such demonstrations of disrespect without consequences can embolden others:

  • "I'm surprised the police don't just quit, then maybe the powers that be will realize that law and order must be upheld!" one commenter declared. "I just find it so unbelievable that this behavior is allowed to continue!"
  • "What a bunch of f***ing oxygen thieves," another user said, noting "they deliberately taunt and harass the police, all while holding cameras, in the hope that one of the officers reacts to the abuse ... so they can then use the footage to support their police brutality narrative."
  • "Damn this pisses me the F#$* off....!" another commenter wrote. "Why the hell are they not arresting these stupid, moronic assholes for assault? This is why this country is so damn screwed up....!"
  • "These same kids would cry murder if these cops came to their workplace threw snowballs at them and shouted 'quit your job,'" another user said.
  • "Time for the mayor and officers to show some force already," another commenter opined. "This is difficult to watch."

Anything else?

Cops have been subject to this kind of humiliating abuse for some time. As politicians and police officials began tying officers' hands in fear of brutality accusations, cop haters seemed to test the waters — and lo and behold discovered they could carry out abusive behavior upon police without retaliation.

Of course, it escalated around the country after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last May, but readers of TheBlaze no doubt recall a similar scene in New York City a couple of years ago when water was tossed and dumped on a pair of NYPD officers who simply walked away:

Oh, and do you remember what happened to the reputed gangbanger arrested in connection with the water-dumping incident — who also was on probation and had been busted over 20 times?

His punishment was 10 days of community service.

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