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President Trump says the US will designate Antifa as a terrorist organization



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President Donald Trump declared on Sunday that Antifa would be designated as a terrorist organization.

In a tweet, Trump wrote, "The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization."

Trump also wrote, "Other Democrat run Cities and States should look at the total shutdown of Radical Left Anarchists in Minneapolis last night. The National Guard did a great job, and should be used in other States before it is too late!"

"Congratulations to our National Guard for the great job they did immediately upon arriving in Minneapolis, Minnesota, last night," the president added. "The ANTIFA led anarchists, among others, were shut down quickly. Should have been done by Mayor on first night and there would have been no trouble!"

On Saturday, Attorney General Bill Barr said that the riots across the U.S. have been "hijacked by violent radical elements," notably "far-left extremist groups."

"Groups of outside radicals and agitators are exploiting the situation to pursue their own separate and violent agenda," Barr said in a statement. "In many places, it appears the violence is planned, organized, and driven by anarchistic and far-left extremists, using Antifa-like tactics, many of whom travel from out of state to promote the violence."

"We must have law and order on our streets and in our communities, and it is the responsibility of the local and state leadership, in the first instance, to halt this violence," Barr added. "The Department of Justice (including the FBI, Marshals, ATF, and DEA), and all of our 93 U.S. Attorneys across the country, will support these local efforts and take all action necessary to enforce federal law."

Trump has been threatening to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization since summer of 2019.

Last July, Trump tweeted, "Consideration is being given to declaring ANTIFA, the gutless Radical Left Wack Jobs who go around hitting (only non-fighters) people over the heads with baseball bats, a major Organization of Terror (along with MS-13 & others). Would make it easier for police to do their job!"

"Major consideration is being given to naming ANTIFA an 'ORGANIZATION OF TERROR,'" he wrote last August. "Portland is being watched very closely. Hopefully the Mayor will be able to properly do his job!"

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