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'Antiracist Baby' causes an uproar on social media as it encourages babies and toddlers to confess to their inherent racism


What in the heck?

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"Antiracist Baby" — a children's book designed to help parents and their young babies fight racism — is stirring up all sorts of responses on the internet, as well as on social media.

Just last week, NPR placed the book — which is geared for newborns to children age 3 years old — on its 100 favorite books for young readers.

What are the details?

The book, written by No. 1 New York Times bestselling author Ibram X. Kendi, was released in June.

Kendi wrote the book, according to reports, to help "empower parents and children to uproot racism in our society and in ourselves."

That feat, according to Kendi — who is also director of the Antiracist Research and Policy Center at American University in Washington, D.C. — is apparently only possible through raising "antiracist" babies.

According to The Caldron Pool, the book lays out nine steps from which parents can base raising an ethical and inclusivity-seeking child.

The book ensures that if parents follow the rules step by step, it will help to "improve equity, such as opening our eyes to all skin colors and celebrating all our differences."

Such steps include calling out racism when it's seen, and confessing to inherent racism as babies and toddlers.

The book uses friendly looking cartoon graphics, depicting demonstrators with signs that read things like "Black Lives Matter" and "Equity now!" and more.

The book, according to The Federalist, opens with the following passage:

Antiracist Baby is bred not born.
Antiracist Baby is raised to make society transform.

A portion of the book reads, "Nothing disrupts racism more than when we confess the racist ideas that we sometimes express."

Anything else?

The book also touches upon privilege.

"Some people get more, while others get less ... because policies don't always grand equal access," the book goes on to explain.

One Amazon reviewer writes, "This book is complete garbage, and merely pushes his anti-intellectual binary claim that everyone is either a 'racist or non-racist,' again catering to the market of spineless, 'woke,' white, self-flagellating liberals who have bought into his nonsense so they can be redeemed. A mere pile of tripe that seeks to indoctrinate infants into the same mind-numbingly stupid ideology of 'wokeness.'"

Another adds, "The concepts in this book are just as prejudice [sic] as what it claims to be against. The diction in this book is hardly suitable for children and preach radical ideologies."

On Twitter, one user wrote, "Racist babies that need to confess their Racism?? Repeat all that out loud and really listen to it. THIS WORLD HAS LOST ITS DAMN MIND!!!"


'We're either being racist or antiracist'

In a July interview with the Harvard Gazette, Kendi said that there's no such thing as "not racist" — people are either "racist or antiracist."

“The heartbeat of racism itself has always been denial, and the sound of that heartbeat has always been 'I'm not racist,'" Kendi said. "What I am trying to do with my work is to really get Americans to eliminate the concept of 'not racist' from their vocabulary and realize, we're either being racist or antiracist."

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