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Crook probably didn't get the memo that gun owners sometimes live in homes that burglars target


Bullet in the leg — all for a ripped-off weed eater and tool kit

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Once again, a crook apparently didn't get the message that gun owners are out there in droves — and yes, some of them are actually living in the very homes that crooks target.

One unlucky guy found that out in a painful way Wednesday in Houston.

A homeowner told police he heard someone breaking into his house about 4:45 a.m, KTRK-TV reported, and the homeowner promptly grabbed a gun.

The homeowner then confronted the suspect in the house and opened fire, the station said, hitting the suspect in the leg.

The burglar ran outside, KTRK reported, carrying property from the residence.

But he didn't get very far.

Police told the station the suspect dropped a weed eater and tool kit as he crossed the street — and then fell into a ditch, after which police took him into custody.

The injured suspect is expected to survive, KTRK reported.

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