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Baltimore residents reveal how locals really feel about Elijah Cummings with scathing honesty


'We feel like we in a concentration camp — and it's just sad'

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President Donald Trump was widely condemned and declared a racist on Saturday for criticizing Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) over Baltimore's long-documented problems with crime, poverty, and political corruption.

But what do Baltimore residents have to say? They agree with the president.

"What he said was definitely true. [Cummings] hasn't done anything for us," one Baltimore resident named Michelle told Baltimore County Republican Central Committee member Kimberly Klacik of Trump's tweets.

"As far as the houses and everything, like I said, [Cummings] has never done anything for not even one person that I know of. I never heard anybody say anything about him," Michelle explained. "And people want to talk about Donald Trump ... why is [Cummings] over there taking care of people at the border? We hungry. We need a place to stay."

"We feel like we in a concentration camp — and it's just sad," she went on to say. "[Cummings is] more worried about them than his own people — it's just crazy."

In a second video, Michelle told Klacik that she disagrees that Trump is racist.

"Trump is not racist," Michelle said. "I'm glad that [Trump] put [Cummings] on blast because people in West Baltimore been putting Elijah Cummings on blast for years — ever since he's been in office."

"He never did anything for us. If he supposed to be from this neighborhood ... the rats just didn't come. These houses just didn't get torn down, they've been like this," she explained. "If he would take the time out to come over here and see how things are maybe he'd be better at his job."

Another life-long Baltimore resident who called into C-SPAN Sunday morning echoed Michelle, explaining Cummings only visits Baltimore in politically advantageous situations and never advocates for the interests of his constituents.

"I believe what the president said about Mr. Cummings is exactly right. I don't think that it was an indictment of the city, I think it was an indictment of the leadership in Baltimore city," the man said.

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