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Ben Shapiro fires back at progressive activist, sets truth straight over 'baby Hitler' remarks


A deceipticely edited video of Shapiro went viral

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro set the record straight on Friday after a deceptively edited video circulated online showing Shapiro, while speaking at the March for Life in Washington, D.C., explain why pro-life advocates would not travel back in time to kill "baby Hitler."

What happened?

The 21-second, out-of-context clip was retweeted more than 12,000 times, leading to "baby Hitler" to temporarily trend on Twitter. Shapiro, who taped a podcast during his live remarks, was responding to a question submitted online.

"The argument, I guess here, is that would you kill baby Hitler? And the truth is that no pro-life person on earth would kill baby Hitler, because baby Hitler wasn't Hitler, adult Hitler was Hitler. Baby Hitler was a baby. What you presumably want to do with baby Hitler is take baby Hitler out of baby Hitler's house and move baby Hitler into a better house where he would not grow up to be Hitler, right? That's the idea," Shapiro said.

The self-declared progressive activist who tweeted the video, Jordan Uhl, later celebrated the video going viral, commenting, "we f**kin did it.

How did Shapiro respond?

He said Friday that Uhl cut his remarks "completely out of context." Specifically, Shapiro said he was disputing the liberal talking point that abortion lowers crime rates by explaining the immorality of killing children who may commit crimes in the future.

Unfortunately, it appears the negative headlines in the mainstream media forced one of Shapiro's advertisers — Quip — to cease doing business with Shapiro.

Here's the full context of Shapiro's remarks:

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