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Iowa Democratic Party corrects 'minor' mistake on partial vote tally — Bernie Sanders campaign blames racism


More turmoil as the failures mount in Iowa

Alex Wong/Getty Images

After a complete disaster of caucus organization, the Iowa Democratic Party announced that they needed to make a "minor correction" to the partial results they reported, and one campaign is implying racism was the motivation.

The furor began shortly after the Iowa Democratic Party announced the correction on Wednesday.

"There will be a minor correction to the last batch of results and we will be pushing an update momentarily," they tweeted.

Those mistakes just happened to take votes away from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and his campaign was not happy about it.

Bill Neidhardt, the Iowa deputy state director for the Sanders campaign, called the correction "disturbing to say the least," in a tweet that implied the party had disenfranchised Latino, black, and Muslim voters.

"Day 3 of this mess. Not what I would a 'minor' issue," he added in a second tweet.

Other Sanders supporters excoriated the Iowa Democratic Party for the error.

"So Iowa Dems get caught undercutting Bernie in Black Hawk county and we only know because Black Hawk county released their info on their own? And now Iowa Dems are forced to fix. This is out of this world," said YouTube activist Kyle Kulinski.

The error was the latest in a series of embarrassing mistakes by the Iowa Democratic Party in their incompetent attempt to complete the key Iowa caucuses for the Democratic primary election.

The correction will no doubt add fuel to the conflagration in the Democratic Party between far-left progressives who support Sanders and the more centrist establishment Democrats.

In 2016, "Bernie Bros" excoriated the party for evidence that appeared to show the Democratic Party rigging the primary election against Sanders for the benefit of Hillary Clinton. Clinton supporters would go on to blame "Bernie Bros" for her defeat at the hands of President Donald Trump.

Here's more about the Iowa caucus debacle:


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