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Biden: Racism is a 'white man's problem'


The former vice president also said, 'white folks are the reason we have institutional racism'

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Democratic presidential candidate and former vice president Joe Biden declared Tuesday that racism is "overwhelmingly a white man's problem visited on people of color."

What are the details?

Biden spent more than an hour hosting a press pool of African American reporters in Washington, D.C., in an effort to condemn President Donald Trump's rhetoric while explaining how Caucasians like himself are the "the reason we have institutional racism."

The Associated Press reported that Biden said racism in America is an institutional 'white man's problem visited on people of color," and that such things in his administration "would not be tolerated."

The former vice president added, "White folks are the reason we have institutional racism. There has always been racism in America. White supremacists have always existed, they still exist. " According to USA Today, Biden added, "They only way...you deal with it is you attack it, you expose it, you embarrass...You call them out. Most of all, you call them out to our children."

According to The Washington Examiner, Biden "also boasted of his own record and his support among black voters, and pledged to campaign hard among the black community and in predominantly black institutions."

While criticizing President Trump, Biden added, "What presidents say matter...They can make markets rise and fall. They can send people to war. They can, in fact, also appeal to the worst damn instincts of human nature."

Anything else?

During the first Democratic presidential primary debate, Biden took a hit of his own over "racism" from Sen. Kamala Harris, who called him out for talking "about the reputations of two United States senators who built their reputations and careers on the segregation of race in this country."

That exchange served as a boost for Harris's campaign at the time, and Biden took notice of the hit. While he didn't name names when asked who he would potentially ask to be a running mate were he to win the Democratic nomination, he said, "Whomever I pick would be preferably someone who is of color and who was of a different gender, but I'm not making that commitment until I know that the person I'm dealing with I can completely, thoroughly trust, is authentic, and is on the same page."

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