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Biden's new adviser is a climate alarmist who claimed to have suffered an 'acute mental health crisis' as a result of Trump's 2016 victory
Image source: YouTube video, Institute at Brown for Environment & Society - Screenshot

Biden's new adviser is a climate alarmist who claimed to have suffered an 'acute mental health crisis' as a result of Trump's 2016 victory

The President's Intelligence Advisory Board was created by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956. The board counts among its alumni a Medal of Honor recipient, a steel magnate, a secretary of defense, a retired admiral, and a former state governor.

Joining the board Thursday per President Joe Biden's apparent wishes: Kim Cobb, a climate alarmist who was admittedly left bedridden as a result of the American people's election of former President Donald Trump in 2016.

What are the details?

Biden announced his intention to appoint Cobb to the PIAB on Jan. 26.

Cobb noted that she has "much to learn" but hopes "to contribute to the critical work of this esteemed Board."

Cobb's biography, lifted from her Brown page and included in the White House's statement, is seeded with potential clues concerning the president's decision.

Cobb is a climate scientist who has repeatedly appeared on CNN to discuss the specter of anthropogenic climate change. She co-authored an alarmist UN report in 2021 that simultaneously held that various allegedly man-made climate trends under way are now irreversible and it is still imperative that the world transition off fossil fuels.

Cobb has served as director at both the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society and the Global Change Program at Georgia Tech.

Extra to her background in politically charged weather science, Cobb also "champions diversity and inclusion in all that she does ... and enjoys frequent exchanges with policymakers about climate impacts and solutions," according to the White House.

Outside her past role as ADVANCE professor for diversity, equity, and inclusion, Cobb has made a show of her ideological bona fides on Twitter, where she has underscored her support for BLM; her belief that "racial justice and equity are inseparable from climate action"; and her support for hiring on the basis of skin pigmentation or sexual preference.

While climate change is her apparent nemesis, Cobb's weakness is evidently democratic electoral results that she finds unfavorable.

Mentally broken by Trump

In a 2019 interview with the leftist publication Mother Jones, Cobb reflected on that moment, years earlier, when she learned of Trump's resounding defeat of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

Cobb had traveled by fossil-fuel-consuming vehicles to an idyllic atoll in the Pacific Ocean, 1,300 miles south of Hawaii. She had gone to collect coral skeletons in hopes of establishing historic ocean temperatures suggesting a tendency of weather patterns to change over time. Trump's victory made her scientific beachside getaway especially trying.

"I was diving with tears in my eyes," said Cobb.

Soon, the news that the American people chose someone she did not like because they prioritized issues besides the weather proved too much for Biden's new intelligence adviser to bear.

"I had the firm belief that Washington would act on climate change and would be acting soon," she said. "When Trump was elected, it came crashing down."

Cobb claimed that upon returning home to Atlanta, she could not get out of bed, having suffered "an acute mental health crisis."

She would reportedly sob sporadically and obsess over the question of "how could my country do this?"

Ultimately, she had to confront the possibility that "there was a veritable tidal wave of people who don't care about climate change and who put personal interest above the body of scientific information that I had contributed to."

Apparently, Biden may be willing to subordinate American interests to the body of "scientific information" Cobb and other climate scientists peddle in.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that Cobb's appointment reflects the Biden administration's "whole-of-government approach" to addressing fears about climate change, noting that one of the first things Biden did as president was make climate alarmism "central to United States foreign policy and national security."

In a 2021 fact sheet, the Biden administration stated, "The climate crisis is reshaping our physical world, with the Earth’s climate changing faster than at any point in modern history and extreme weather events becoming more frequent and severe."

Cobb appeared to audition for the role in a November CNN interview in which she tearlessly denigrated the previous administration, lauded the Biden administration's ambitions, and discussed statist measures to clamp down on emissions:

America's Leadership on Climate Change: Climate Expert Kim Cobb on CNN This Morningyoutu.be

James Russell, chair of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences at Brown, told the campus paper that Cobb "will provide thoughtful and well-informed advice for our intelligence community to combat the increasingly adverse impacts of climate change on our nation."

It is unclear whether Cobb, who publicly announced she would stop flying in 2020, citing her "privelege [sic] as a white senior scientist," will keep to her promise in her new role.

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