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Bill Maher: 'The trans community is asking for too much'
Image Courtesy CNN / YouTube (screenshot)

Bill Maher: 'The trans community is asking for too much'

In an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, Bill Maher commented on transgenderism, saying he believes that the transgender community is "asking for too much," adding that activists "absolutely do want to shut down debate."

Discussing "wokeness," President Biden, and the 2024 presidential race, Maher made a string of comments regarding the vast differences he sees between what he calls "liberalism" and "wokeness."

Maher described the liberal point of view regarding transgender people as believing that they should "freely live the lives that they should live, with all the dignity and protection under the law that we can afford them, like anybody else in society."

However, the comedian defined the "woke point of view" as "well, babies are born now, and 'jump ball,' we don't know what they are."

"Congratulations, you have a boy, well, let's not be hasty," he joked.

"It's not wrong to have this discussion; this is something that is very new. To shut down debate with these words like 'phobia,' you're 'phobic,' and you hate, we don't hate, there's no hate, we're not phobic, we're not afraid, we're just discussing something that involves children," Maher explained.

After Jake Tapper positioned a would-be transgender activist's argument, suggesting that they wouldn't want to silence debate and rather think there are more important issues to cover (like states banning gender reassignment surgeries) than a term such as "pregnant person," Maher said that he agreed that an outright ban would be too far, before adding, "I also don't agree with what you just said; they absolutely do want to shut down debate."

Maher also described what sees as two of the four existing political groups in the country as the "old school liberals" and "old school conservatives" who "never agreed on a hell of a lot" but "found ways to work together."

The other two, he remarked, are called "the Trumpsters" and "the wokesters," those being dedicated supporters of Donald Trump along with what would commonly be described as progressives.

"Those fringes are not doing this country any great favors," Maher said.

The host of "Real Time" mentioned that finding a diverse set of ideas in comedy writers is becoming an increasingly painstaking endeavor as well. Describing a seasonal tradition of reviewing potential new writers, Maher said, "I read these packets of proposed writers. ... It's just stunning how uniform their point of view are."

"It's the exact same point of view on every single issue," he added.

Additionally, Maher and Tapper discussed President Biden's age and Maher's views on who might win the Republican presidential primaries.

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