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'At some point, they're gonna sit at the wrong table': Black civil rights official predicts 'violence' against protesters who harass diners


'They're intimidators, disruptors of the peace, in some cases they engage in overt violence'

Image source: Fox News video screenshot

A black civil rights official predicted to "Fox & Friends" Friday that "violence" awaits "intimidators" who've been harassing restaurant diners as part of protests against alleged racial injustice and police brutality.

What are the details?

Peter Kirsanow, a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, told the network that protesters who have been harassing easily picked-on diners — many of them elderly — will soon overplay their hand: "It's not gonna end well at some point. At some point, they're gonna sit at the wrong table, and it's gonna have some violence."

Reacting to video of two elderly diners harassed and threatened by protesters in St. Petersburg, Florida, hours after a grand jury on Wednesday decided to not charge police in connection to Breonna Taylor's shooting death, Kirsanow took the bullying leftists to task.

"This type of behavior obviously is unjustified, but it's rationalized by these protesters — and they're not even protesters: They're intimidators, disruptors of the peace, in some cases they engage in overt violence, but it's rationalized by them because of this false narrative of systemic racism and that cops are disproportionately shooting blacks," he told "Fox & Friends."

What happened to the elderly diners?

Video of the St. Petersburg incident shows a mob of protesters repeatedly chanting, "Stand up, fight back!" while facing diners at a restaurant before one apparent activist pulls up a seat at a table occupied by an older man and woman.

The woman at the table quickly stands up and says, "Nope, this is my table" and unsuccessfully attempts to tip the protester out of the chair before he slams it back down — and then two more activists fill the remaining empty seats while flashing signs and joining the chant. Additional activists followed and stood to surround the couple.

One activist can be heard telling the man, "Why don't you shut up? Who the f*** you think you're talking to?" before the first activist who stole a seat told the woman, "I'll knock your old-ass boyfriend the f*** out!" and accused her of being a "wild Karen in her natural f***ing habitat!"

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"Fox & Friends" said the video quickly went viral and received more than 1.8 million views on Twitter in under 12 hours.

Not the first time

The St. Pete bullied diners weren't the first victims of this type of left-wing intimidation.

A group of leftist militants were caught on video harassing Washington, D.C., restaurant patrons late last month, apparently because they refused to raise their fists in Black Lives Matter solidarity like other patrons seated around them.

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After a viral video showed Black Lives Matter militants harassing elderly diners outside a Pittsburgh restaurant over Labor Day weekend, three of the alleged culprits were charged.

No doubt you recall this pathetic display. (Content warning: Language):

Also in early September, Black Lives Matter protesters descended upon outdoor diners in Rochester, New York, forcing patrons to leave while smashing up tables and throwing chairs.

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Anything else?

Kirsanow also noted in his "Fox & Friends" interview that there's no data showing that black people are disproportionately targeted in police shootings and that media members have handled police shootings of unarmed black people "irresponsibly."

And as for the charge that "systemic racism" is infecting our country, he said that "the evidence, the data, for decades now, has been irrefutable that that is not the case."

"There's a huge cohort of individuals that leap on the initially reported facts and perpetuate them because many of the facts related to George Floyd, for example, Breonna Taylor, began to come out, but the media wasn't reporting them, and this type of hysteria develops because of a false narrative, and it needs to be corrected because something is going to happen soon," Kirsanow added. "We've already seen billions of dollars' worth of property damage, in large part because of the belief in this false narrative."

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