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White Ohio elementary students reportedly herded, dragged, then violently forced by black peers to pledge fealty to BLM

Photo by Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images

American students are no longer just being subjected to identitarian propaganda and prejudicial race theories by teachers. Fellow classmates are now reportedly getting in on the action and participating in kids' forceful indoctrination.

Black students at an elementary school in Springfield, Ohio, allegedly hunted down, captured, and dragged white students to the playground, where they forced them to recite identitarian Marxist slogans against their will on camera.

Some outraged parents are wondering why school officials did not intervene sooner, and it remains unclear whether the seeds of the allegedly violent BLM activism were first planted in the classroom.

What are the details?

Police were dispatched to Kenwood Elementary at 10 a.m. on Monday to deal with possible assault and menacing offenses, reported the Springfield News-Sun. The alleged assaults took place during recess Friday.

The school's principal, Evan Hunsaker, reportedly told law enforcement that a group of black students had herded several white students over to the playground and coerced them to state "'black lives matter' against their will."

Students who had attempted to evade the coercive mob of junior identitarians allegedly were "chased down and escorted, dragged or carried" back to the playground.

One student was bashed in the head by one of the BLM-supporting aggressors, according the the police report.

Springfield police have questioned multiple juveniles believed to have been involved in the racially charged incident.

Ryan Springer, whose 12-year-old boy was apparently among those forced to recite the slogan of the scandal-plagued BLM movement, told WHIO, "I mean I’m angry as a parent but I understand they are children. It’s not okay to hate anybody because of their skin color, or their gender or sexual orientation, or anything like that. Nobody should be hating anybody."

"I'm more upset by the assault part of it — the children being forced down on the ground," Springer added.

Instead of activist-weaponized racial acrimony, Springer suggested, "They should just be worried about being children."

Springer indicated that now his boy doesn't want to return to school: "He’s like he’s kind of traumatized ... he’s not a very confrontational kid. He’s got one of the biggest hearts of any kid around."

"Where was the school staff when all of this was taking place? And why? Why did it get so far?" asked Springer.

TheBlaze reached out to the Springfield City School District, inquiring whether teachers or staff at the school have previously promoted BLM in their classrooms; whether CRT is taught in SCSD schools; and whether BLM activists have spoken to students in the past. The school district had not responded by the time of publication.

While the SCSD did not respond to TheBlaze, it released a statement earlier indicating that it is "committed to providing our students with a safe learning environment, where they look forward to attending every day. The District is aware of a situation that occurred at Kenwood Elementary. We are working closely with the Springfield Police Division on this matter to ensure that we maintain that safe environment. Because this is now a police matter, no additional information is available at this time."

The Springfield Police Department noted that it is still investigating what took place and will work with prosecutors to review possible formal charges.

BLM, the identitarian leftist group the Springfield aggressors allegedly forced their victims to pledge fealty to, was associated with the 2020 riots that did at least $1 billion in damage. Of the 8,700 BLM-related events at the time, 574 reportedly involved violent acts in over 140 cities, including shootings, arson, looting, vehicular crimes, and explosions.

RealClear Investigations reported that between 6 and 20 persons were killed in the BLM riots. One police officer was killed and 2,037 officers were assaulted or injured; 16,241 arrests were made.

Extra to its links to violence, destruction, and transsexual activism, BLM calls for police to be defunded, for the disruption of the nuclear family, and for "a queer-affirming network."

The group now makes the following additional demands, evidencing parallels with Democratic establishment thinking: "Convict and ban Trump from future political office"; "Expel Republican members of Congress who attempted to overturn the election"; "Permanently ban Trump from all digital media platforms."

The leftist organization's co-founder, Patrisse Cullors, has been accused of misusing millions of dollars in donations to spend on multimillion-dollar properties. Other prominent BLM proponents, such as Shaun King, have similarly been accused of being grifters.

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