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VIDEO: Black Lives Matter protester punches black reported Trump supporter in the face — immediately gets arrested


Pro-tip: Don't assault people right in front of the police

Image Source: Twitter video screenshot

A Black Lives Matter protester was arrested Tuesday evening literally seconds after he reportedly assaulted a man — right in front of police.

Daily Caller reporter Jorge Ventura posted the video of the incident to Twitter and said the man punched in the face — who was black — was a Trump supporter.

"Breaking - #BLM protester punches Trump supporter in the face then is immediately arrested. Things are getting hostile at BLM plaza. Stay tuned for more updates on the ground," Ventura tweeted.

Ventura told TheBlaze in an Instagram message that the man "was talking about how he couldn't wait to get Trump reelected and he kept yelling 'Trump 2020, 4 more years!' which angered the crowd."

The video starts by showing two individuals, the protester and a black man, arguing in the middle of a street near what has been called Black Lives Matter Plaza, located across from Lafayette Park in Washington, D.C. As the two men shouted at each other, a crowd began to surround them, appearing to urge the protester not to do anything. But he didn't listen.

The protester punched the man in the face while several police officers stood no more than 10 feet away. Then the officers immediately approached the protester and dragged him away from the crowd before detaining him.

The alleged Trump supporter appeared fine after the incident as he quickly signaled to police who the offender was before walking away from the scene.

You can hear one onlooker asking, "What he being detained for?" as if it wasn't obvious. Others shouted "He hit him first!" though available video does not show that to be the case.

Another video posted by Ventura minutes later shows protesters yelling and pushing into officers as they escort the protester who assaulted the man into a police vehicle.

Tensions between police and Black Lives Matter protesters remain high in several cities across the country, including Washington, D.C., in the weeks following the death of George Floyd.

Black Lives Matter Plaza is a two-block stretch of 16th Street NW in the nation's capital that was renamed by Democratic D.C. Mayor Mayor Muriel Bowser on June 5.

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