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VIDEO: BLM protesters march to NYPD union president's house to protest union's Trump endorsement. They're met by a swarm of cops.


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Image source: Twitter video screenshot

When the New York Police Department union endorsed President Donald Trump's re-election late last week, the Black Lives Matter movement was not happy about it. So dozens of BLM protesters decided to protest at the home of the union's president, and they were met there by a slew of New York City cops and their barricades to protect the block.

What happened?

On Friday, New York City Police Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch announced the union's endorsement of Trump, the New York Post reported.

As the city faces riots, looting, shootings, and other crimes, as well as public clashes with police, the union decided the president's increased push for law and order is something it needed to get behind.

"I cannot remember when we've ever endorsed for the president of the United States until now — that's how important this is," Lynch told the president at an event Friday evening, the Post said. "We need your strong voice across the country."

The union's proclamation upset the BLM movement, which attempted to march to Lynch's house in Queens Wednesday evening, the Post said.

As protesters worked to get to Lynch's home, a swarm of NYPD officers set up barricades blocking off the neighborhood.

Multiple videos from the protests and the police's response show dozens of cops and supervisors standing in the street to keep demonstrators from marching all over Lynch's community.

Protesters can be heard chanting "all cops are bastards" and "NYPD, suck my d**k."

Content warning: Rough language

Despite the protests, Lynch was undeterred in his and his union's support for President Trump.

"New York City police officers will protect your right to protest wherever it can be done safely and legally, including in front of my house," Lynch said in a statement, NY1 reported. "But these protestors should realize they are wasting their time. Their campaign of harassment and intimidation might have the politicians running scared, but it will have zero impact on the PBA."

NY1 reported that Lynch's neighbors said the protest, which they characterized as mostly peaceful, caught them by surprise and involved vulgar language.

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