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Bloomberg opinion executive editor says 'how quickly it's unraveling' for President Trump is 'delicious'


Tim O'Brien also called Trump 'profoundly ignorant'

Image source: MRC-TV video screenshot

The panelists who spoke Tuesday with MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace appeared just a tad excited about the subject on most everyone's lips: The prospect that President Donald Trump will be impeached over the Ukraine scandal.

One of them — Tim O'Brien, executive editor of Bloomberg Opinion — made no attempt to downplay his position on Trump, actually saying "it's delicious" with regard to "how quickly it's unraveling" for the president.

'Just hitting the plunger on the TNT box himself'

"One of the, I think, startling and delicious aspects of all this is how quickly it's unraveling," O'Brien said. "When you think about ... the Mueller investigation was two years long. There were a lot of unknowns. It felt opaque. There were a lot of names. It felt very complicated to voters and to journalists and everyone watching it. And then suddenly you have the president reaching into the glass box and just hitting the plunger on the TNT box himself and —"

Wallace interjected, "And then releasing the transcript where he does it!, where he's like, 'Hey, look at me!' It's —"

'He's profoundly ignorant'

"Because he's profoundly ignorant," O'Brien continued. "He doesn't really understand any of this stuff ... he's never had adult supervision his whole life. He sort of had crossing guards who get him from one side of the road to another, and now he's been dumped in the middle of this highway where there are cars zipping past him at about 80 miles an hour; he doesn't know where to go. If he steps in the wrong way, in the wrong direction, he's gonna get hurt."

(H/T: NewsBusters)

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