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Border Patrol union says ‘corrupt’ Biden should be arrested for ‘worst sustained disaster… ever seen at our border’

Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

The Border Patrol union stated this week that President Biden should be arrested for creating the “worst sustained disaster… ever seen at our border.”

With the end of Trump-era Title 42, migrants are massing at the border in numbers agents have never witnessed before.

According to Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz, there are “upwards of 60,000 migrants” that are “staging in and around the immediate border area” in hopes of getting through now that the policy ended at midnight on Friday.

In response to the overwhelming crisis, the National Border Patrol Council torched the Biden administration for being “absolutely corrupt to its core” and preventing agents from protecting the southern border.

On Thursday, the NBPC shared a photo of Biden on Twitter with the caption, “This is by far the worst sustained disaster that any BP agent, active or retired, has ever seen at our border. And one man is responsible for every single bit of it, with the worst still to come.”

“The Biden Administration is absolutely corrupt to its core,” the union wrote in another tweet.

NBPC stated that with the end of Title 42, “nobody except the cartel thugs is prepared for what’s about to hit us.”

Additionally, the union claimed that the millions of illegal migrants being allowed into the interior of the United States “are not being properly vetted, for anything.”

“Nobody has any idea who they are, what medical conditions they have, what their records are, or what their intentions are,” the NBPC stated.

On Friday, the union posted again on Twitter, saying, “We started with sanctuary cities, then sanctuary counties, then sanctuary states...and now Biden has turned our entire country into a lawless, borderless sanctuary.”

Brandon Judd, NBPC’s president, told Fox News on Wednesday that Biden is effectively smuggling migrants into the country but is not being held accountable because of his position.

“If he wasn’t the president of the United States, I would arrest him,” Judd said. “But he is the president, so he’s not held accountable.”

Judd explained that Biden took away policies implemented by former President Donald Trump that would allow agents to secure the border.

“He stole every single one of our enforcement tools that would allow us to get this under control,” Judd continued. “We can keep the American public safe, but the only way we can do it is if we reimplement the rule of law.”

Ortiz warned that many of the border’s holding facilities are already over capacity.

“Upwards of 60,000 migrants we project are staging in and around the immediate border area,” Ortiz told CBS News. “So we’re focused on ensuring that we’re doing everything we can to allocate resources to address those flows.”

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