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Here's how Democrats plan to end Trump's national emergency declaration


Will some Republicans sign on?

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Democrats reportedly plan to introduce a privileged resolution in Congress to terminate the declaration of a national emergency at the border by President Donald Trump.

The plan was reported by NBC News Capitol Hill producer Alex Moe on Wednesday.

The resolution would end the declaration by Friday, if it is passed. Moe reported that the effort is led by Rep. Joaquin Castro (R-Texas) and has more than 90 co-sponsors.

The president declared the national emergency after signing a compromise bill that would keep the government open and fund "border barriers" with $1.375 billion — far less than what the president requested for the border wall.

Moe published an image of the draft resolution on her social media account.

If the resolution passes the House of Representatives, it would need to be approved by the Republican-controlled Senate. The president has already indicated that he would veto any resolution that came to his desk. The Congress could then override his veto, but only with an unlikely two-thirds majority in both houses.

Trump has already admitted that he would use the emergency powers of the executive in order to circumvent Democrats in Congress.

The emergency declaration is already being challenged in an investigation by the House Judiciary Committee, and in the courts with a lawsuit from 16 states, led by California.

Here's the latest on the national emergency:

Trump defends national emergency declarationwww.youtube.com

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