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Bret Baier gets overtaken by emotion while detailing horrific car accident his family endured


A very important reminder about counting 'your blessings'

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Fox News anchor Bret Baier couldn't help but get emotional while recounting the horrific car accident his family experienced, and the good Samaritans who helped them afterward.

"Finally tonight, I don't usually give advice, but I think everyone should count your blessings," Baier said. "My family is tonight."

Baier related how he, his wife, and their two sons went skiing in Montana and had a great time. The return trip was eventful in a much less fortunate way.

"I drove the family Monday morning to the airport in Bozeman," he explained, "and it was snowing and the roads were icy, and approaching an intersection, just two miles from the airport, I hit a big patch of ice, and I could not stop our SUV."

"We slid into the intersection of a busy road and into the path of a big pickup truck which slammed into our driver's side door, the airbags deployed, the windows shattered," he continued. "We careened into a ditch and flipped sideways. And I started to try to push open the passenger door to get us out."

"Then a man held open the door so we could climb out," Baier said. "Zach Black was driving by, just stopped to help us. We climbed out. The driver of the pickup truck, David had called the police and EMS and was concerned about our family first and foremost."

"Montana Highway Patrol quickly arrived," he added, "EMS paramedics from Belgrade and Bozeman arrived quickly too, and we escaped with minor injuries. A concussion, 14 stitches on a chin, a jostled tooth and a sprained ankle."

"We are very blessed," Baier said.

"Thank you Zack Black, and for all the Zacks across the country who stop," he continued. "Thank you David. Thank you Montana Highway Patrol and EMS personnel, who are all amazing."

Baier got very emotional as he recounted the tweet he had posted to his account as he left the hospital.

"Don't take anything for granted," he said. "Every day is a blessing. Family is everything."

"It's always good to remind yourself of that, before something does it for you," he concluded.

"Count your blessings," he concluded. "And I meant it."

"Sorry, I had to be here today to show you I was OK," he said.

Here's the emotional video from Bret Baier:

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