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Brit Hume posts a screenshot about 2020 election — and ends up trending nationally over embarrassing background tab


Always check your tabs before publishing screenshots.

Image Source: Fox News YouTube video screenshot

Fox News veteran political analyst Brit Hume is likely regretting a post in which he publicized a screenshot from his computer without looking at what he had opened in the tabs in the background of his browser.

"Betting odds as of 8:30 Sunday night showing serious signs of a Biden bounce from South Carolina win," said Hume in the tweet sent on Sunday.

It took a few days for sharp-eyed users on Twitter to notice that one browser tab in the background appeared to show "Sexy Vixen Vinyl" as a search term.

Hume's name trended nationally on social media on Tuesday over the embarrassing incident, with many critics of Fox News posting his previous comments scolding public figures for their scandals.

He went on to use the election betting odds to bolster his analysis about the "Super Tuesday" primary election in the Democratic presidential contest.

Hume tweeted another screenshot on Tuesday of the betting odds in the election, but with the tabs excised:

About a third of the delegates in the primary election will be up for grabs on Tuesday.

Here's more about Super Tuesday's elections:

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