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Popular Twitter troll revealed to be on Democrat PAC payroll and the backlash is brutal


'People are finding out that the 'Brooklyn Dad' dude on twitter is a paid shill for the Democrats. Twitter is full of paid democrat shills like him'

Image source: Brooklyn Dad YouTube screenshot

A popular liberal Twitter troll was revealed to be on the payroll of a Democrat PAC and the online backlash from both sides was palpable.

Majid Padellan runs a Twitter account with nearly 900,000 followers, but many on social media are reeling after a financial filing from a Democratic PAC revealed how much they paid him as part of their pro-Biden campaign.

Padellan, who tweets with the moniker "Brooklyn Dad," responded to the accusations on Wednesday by referring to his account profile that disclosed that he was a senior adviser for the Really American political action committee.

"Just woke up, saw Brooklyn Dad trending because a bunch of folks thought I was hiding information clearly stated in my profile, but even MORE of you stood up for me," he said.

However, his critics pointed out that the admission didn't say that he was a paid adviser. The disclosure was posted and circulated widely on social media and showed that he was paid $57,088 in the 2020 political cycle.

Progressives pounced on the news to attack Padellan for his tweets against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) during the Democratic presidential primary. Others criticized him for not disclosing his paid status.

"Brooklyn Dad being a paid Dem op is pretty unsurprising, it absolutely does pay to have/promote s****y political opinions in America," tweeted the account that posted the financial filing.

"Wait Brooklyn Dad Defiant is a paid shill for centrist Dems who gets tens of thousands to tweet out DNC talking points. Didn't see that coming!" tweeted Jeer Heet, a correspondent for National Affairs.

"Political operatives should have to disclose their affiliations on social media. That's my feeling on this Brooklyn Dad situation. Online astroturfing is a problem even when it's not Russian," said Walter Bragman, a contributor to Jacobin Mag.

"He made more than $57k in 6 months from the super PAC...That's more than most journalists I know," he added.

"This is just proof of what we have already known. The DNC pays non-FBA immigrants like that 'Brooklyn Dad' dude to troll Foundational Black Americans on twitter to try and disrupt and steer our narratives," responded Tariq Nasheed, a black activist.

"People are finding out that the 'Brooklyn Dad' dude on twitter is a paid shill for the Democrats. Twitter is full of paid democrat shills like him," he added.

"Truly we are living in The Twilight of the Resistance Grifters," Heet said.

The social media feud was the latest battle between the progressive far-left wing of the party and the more centrist establishment wing.

Here's a YouTube video from Padellan:

Sheltered in Place with Brooklyn Dadwww.youtube.com

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