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Bud Light rewards Nationals fan who went viral for saving his beer, and makes hilarious commercial


A snap decision made him an internet hero

Image Source: YouTube screenshot

A Washington Nationals fan was rewarded by Budweiser over a viral moment where he decided to take a home run baseball in the chest rather than spill his beer, and it was caught on video.

The video from Game 5 of the World Series caught Jeff Adams grimacing slightly as the ball hit his chest, but he didn't spill a drop of the two Bud Light cans he held.

The official Bud Light account asked the internet to find the man so that they could reward him.

After finding Jeff Adams, the company bought him and one of his friends tickets to Game 6 of the World Series, and flew them to the game in Houston. The company added a custom shirt for him to wear.

Adams credits his 15-year-old Nationals baseball cap for his ability to take the hit without spilling his beer.

The company also made a hilarious commercial where they proclaim him a hero.

Bud Light - Our Hero, Jeff Adamswww.youtube.com

While most baseball fans expected the Houston Astros to win Game 6 and take the World Series, the Nationals beat them 7-2. The series will be decided Wednesday night in Game 7 in Houston.

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