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Homeowner facing charges after beating would-be burglar to death


The suspect died after being beaten with a baseball bat and stabbed

Image source: WABC-TV video screenshot

Authorities arrested a Queens man in New York City on Monday after a grand jury indicted him on manslaughter charges in the beating death of a would-be burglar.

Wait, what?

In July, the burglary suspect — Shamel Shavuo of Maryland — reportedly attempted to force his way into 27-year-old Joel Paul's residence.

Paul and his 16-year-old brother reportedly confronted Shavuo outside of the Paul family home just before 3 a.m. local time after the 16-year-old said that Shavuo tried to break into the home.

The teen said that he heard a knock at the door and believed it to be a pizza delivery man.

Instead, the teen reportedly discovered Shavuo on the porch, who allegedly tried to force his way into the home. According to the New York Daily News, Shavuo claimed to have previously lived in the home.

The teen was able to force Shavuo out of the house and called for his mother, 57-year-old Melinda Pitter.

Pitter called on Paul for help, and he and the teen went outside to confront Shavuo.

Paul reportedly attacked Shavuo with a baseball bat and stabbed the burglary suspect. Shavuo died as a result of his injuries.

What else?

Neighbor Kim Satchell, who claimed to have witnessed the altercation, told WABC-TV, "The guy tried to get into the house and they tried to get him out. He tried to push in and the fight pursued and they ended up falling out into the street."

Paul and his brother were initially taken into custody and released without charges at the time, but in December, the local medical examiner declared Shavuo's death a homicide.

Authorities discovered that Shavuo was wanted in connection with a July shooting in Baltimore upon investigation.

Cops arrested Paul on Monday. His younger brother was not charged.

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