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California's homelessness increase ​is higher than all other states combined


President Trump says fix the problem or the feds 'will get involved'

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The Department of Housing and Urban Development released a report last Friday that revealed that the increase in homelessness in California in 2019 was higher than all other states combined.

With the Golden State as the driving force, homelessness in the U.S. rose by 2.7% in the last year, despite the majority of states seeing homelessness decreases.

What are the details?

"While the rest of the country experienced a combined decrease in homelessness in 2019, significant increases in unsheltered and chronic homelessness on the West Coast, particularly California and Oregon, offset those nationwide decreases, causing an overall increase in homelessness of 2.7 percent in 2019," HUD said in the report.

"Twenty-nine states and the District of Columbia reported declines in homelessness between 2018 and 2019, while 21 states reported increases in the number of persons experiencing homelessness. Homelessness in California increased by 21,306 people, or 16.4 percent, which is more than the total national increase of every other state combined," the report added.

The annual report found that on a single night in January 2019, 567,715 people were reported as homeless by state and local planning committees, or Continuums of Care, up by 14,885 people since 2018.

Also, the number of people experiencing chronic or long-term homelessness rose by 8.5% over the last year. The increase was reportedly concentrated on the West Coast, with the largest being in California.

"As we look across our nation, we see great progress, but we're also seeing a continued increase in street homelessness along our West Coast where the cost of housing is extremely high," said HUD Secretary Ben Carson. "In fact, homelessness in California is at a crisis level and needs to be addressed by local and state leaders with crisis-like urgency. Addressing these challenges will require a broader, community-wide response that engages every level of government to compassionately house our fellow citizens who call the streets their home."

Trump warns California: Fix the problem, or the feds will get involved

In response to the state's growing homeless crisis, President Trump issued a warning to California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D)

On Wednesday, the president said in a tweet that if Newsom and his state cannot fix the rising homeless problem, then the federal government "will get involved."

Earlier this month, Newsom cast blame on the Trump administration regarding the issue, arguing that they have been intentionally withholding key data and thus preventing the state from addressing the crisis.

According to Fox News, Newsom also blamed the Trump administration for not taking action on his "Housing First" plan to solve homelessness, which aims to get people in homes first and then adding job skills-training or addiction services later.

On Thursday, Trump slammed Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for her part in the crisis, arguing that she has completely lost control in her district.

Pelosi serves California's 12th congressional district, which includes San Francisco.

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