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California veterans close gaps in border wall: ‘Whoever it is you’re waiting to do this for you, they’re not coming’
Border Vets (Image Source: BorderReport.com video screenshot)

California veterans close gaps in border wall: ‘Whoever it is you’re waiting to do this for you, they’re not coming’

A group of California veterans are joining forces to close gaps in the southern border wall, according to a Friday article from Border Report.

Border Vets, a coalition of military veterans, is taking the border crisis into its own hands by using metal stakes and razor wire to seal off holes in the southern border wall that have become hot spots for illegal migrant crossings. The group has been focusing its efforts on patching gaps near Jacumba Hot Springs, located in the mountains 60 miles east of San Diego.

Kate Monroe, a retired Marine, told Border Report, “It’s really serious for everybody here that we protect our nation. The holes that we can find [in the border wall], we’re going to go ahead and get the razor wire and do our best to defend our country.”

“Whoever it is you’re waiting to do this for you, they’re not coming. It’s going to be people like us, people like America’s veterans,” she added.

According to Monroe, the coalition of veterans has routinely completed this type of work at the southern border. Border Vets plans to return to the incomplete wall on Thursday to make additional repairs.

The group continues to execute the work despite the Border Patrol’s warnings that only agents and government contractors are legally allowed to alter, modify, or fix the border wall.

Monroe told Border Report that the group has received primarily positive feedback from Border Patrol agents. She noted that the veterans have not been stopped from putting up the razor wire.

“That’s not going to stop us or deter us from coming here,” she stated, noting that smugglers are likely to tear down the group’s work eventually. “If we can stop them for one day, one hour, one week, we’ve stopped more people from coming into our country.”

Monroe recently posted a video on social media of her closing a gap in the border wall with razor wire.

“We’re standing right now at the spot that’s been all over the news. A lot of people have come out here to film this hole in the wall,” Monroe told viewers. “No one has yet to come and secure this hole in the fence. If you want something done, sometimes you got to do it yourself.”

“What good is a wall if you can walk right around the corner of the wall?” she asked.

Monroe then walked from the American side of the border to Mexico and back again, stating, “Okay, I’m going to cross back over. It’d be super cool if you could pick me up. I’d like my free health care. I’d like my plane ticket, my new clothes, my lunch, my cell phone. America, you’re being gaslit. We did not have a secure border.”

Illegal migrants, many from Central Asia, Africa, China, and South America, who cross into the U.S. near Jacumba Hot Springs wait in an unofficial camp to be picked up by Border Patrol agents, who then move them to a processing facility, the New York Post reported.

On Thursday, a migrant center in San Diego was forced to shut its doors after its overwhelmed facility ran out of funds, according to Fox News Digital. Officials reported that 1,300 illegal immigrants were released onto the streets of the city over the weekend following the shelter’s recent closure.

Jim Desmond, San Diego County supervisor, stated, “This is entirely the fault of the federal government for its open-border policies and the state of California for incentivizing people from around the world to come here.”

“We in San Diego County, we’re getting a lot of people from all over the world coming across our borders, primarily through the Jacumba area,” he explained. “And what’s unfortunate, and I think is kind of scary for people of this country, is a lot of these people [being released into the U.S.] aren’t vetted by the Border Patrol.”

He noted that the vast majority of the illegal migrants being dropped off in the country are single adult males.

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