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Neil Cavuto grills guest over President Trump's attacks on John McCain


Cavuto says the president is not living up to the dignity of the office

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Neil Cavuto grilled a guest on his Fox News panel for defending President Donald Trump on his numerous attacks on the late Senator John McCain.

Cavuto's criticism of the president centered on the claim that McCain had personally told him he would vote for the Republican's repeal and replace bill, when there was no evidence to support that claim.

"The president seemed to say that John McCain told him that he was going to vote for it," Cavuto said, "no one I talked to who was involved with it at the time says that was the case."

"Well, who cares?" responded Braynard. "What does that have to do with criticizing his position on the issue? He voted against repeal of the ACA, that's fair!"

"No because the president might have lied about that!" Cavuto interjected. "Does that bother you? That the president might lied about what a dead man did?"

"Lied about the fact that he repeatedly said that he opposed Obamacare," responded Braynard, "that he repeatedly said he'd repeal it?"

"No no no," said Cavuto, "you're obfuscating the clear facts here, he said that John McCain had told him that he was going to vote for that measure and hours later ultimately voted against it. Do you have proof that was the case? Because nobody I talked to said it was."

"Do you have proof that he didn't say it?" Braynard replied. "Do you have proof that he didn't? I don't have it either way. But the point of anger here is the betrayal on an issue that he campaigned so hard against, and then ended up voting to preserve Obamacare. That's a fair public critique, and to turn this into some dirty skulduggery is..."

"I don't have to be right or left to find that," Cavuto said later in the discussion, "maybe you can be justified in making these remarks or thinking them, but I just think as president of the United States, they demean you, that's my opinion, my opinion only maybe, but I think they demean it."

"I understand your allegiance to the president, Matt, and that's wonderful," he concluded.

Here's vide of the contentious altercation:

Cavuto calls out panelist for defending Trump's McCain jabswww.youtube.com

A former aide to McCain said that he never made such a promise to the president, but Matt Schlapp, the chair of the American Conservative Union, tweeted the claim that McCain had pledged to "lead the charge" on every repeal and replace version of legislation.

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