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New children’s book on identity explains ‘the overlap in race, gender, and sexuality’


A new book — for children

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A new book tailored for educating children on identity will be released this summer.

What are the details of the book?

The book, "IntersectionAllies: We Make Room for All," aims to break down "the overlap in race, gender, and sexuality" for children.

Three University of Southern California Ph.D. students wrote the book, according to The Daily Trojan, which also reported that the book will be published through feminist publishing house Dottir Press.

The student authors — Carolyn Choi, LaToya Council, and Chelsea Johnson — are studying sociology.

The book also aims to break down intersectionality to children so as to properly engage in such hot-button topics like Black Lives Matter protests and more.

Choi told the Daily Trojan that the book will follow the stories of eight young girls and one "gender-nonconforming" child just trying to live their lives in today's society.

"In these trying political times, there's increased bullying at school because of identity-based issues and tensions, so what spoke to us, is [the book] introduces very early issues of intersecting or different identities to children," Choi explained.

"The book is about empathy," Johnson told the paper. "It's about inspiring empathy and seeing similarities across difference and ways to help your friends using the skills that you have that they might not, or the privileges you have that they may not have access to."

Council added, "What we do [in the book] is we demonstrate how children's safety is concerned by their intersectional identities, such as their gender, their class, their ability, their race, their religion, culture, citizenship and more. For example, we have Naya, who does Black Lives Matter protests, helping out her friend … Dakota, who's engaged with … having access to clean water with the Dakota Access Pipeline."

What else?

Choi also said there's more to come for this sort of book.

"This is supposed to be a series," she explained. "These books will be also based on the concept of intersectionality and talking about different types of family forms to celebrate and honor them, as well as different types of bodies across skin color and body shapes."

"IntersectionAllies: We Make Room for All" will be available to purchase on July 16.

(H/T: The College Fix)

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