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CNN's Chris Cuomo bashes President Trump for not physically aging as noticeably as past presidents


'Maybe this president could use a sleepless night or two'

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CNN personality Chris Cuomo issued an unusual criticism of President Donald Trump on Tuesday night. It wasn't about policy, or something the president tweeted — it was about his physical appearance.

President Trump, Cuomo theorizes, doesn't care enough about his job. How does Cuomo know this? Because Trump's not physically aging in a way that is noticeable enough to indicate that the pressures of the presidency are wearing on him.

"It's been almost three years since Trump won the presidency," Cuomo said. "He looks exactly the same. His hair is — I don't know what's going on with that. But he may do things that presidents in the past haven't done to augment their physical reality, but it could also be he doesn't care the way others have."

Still not buying it? Cuomo has more evidence. He played a clip of President Trump saying "nothing keeps me up at night." Then, he played a clip of former President Barack Obama saying, "There are a lot of things that keep me up at night." The implication here being that Obama's sleepless nights mean he cared more.

That's not all. Cuomo then displayed photos of each of the last three presidents: Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama, with one picture when they took office and another picture of them after two terms (eight years). Then, he showed a picture of President Trump before he took office, and a current picture (less than three years).

Cuomo pointed out that the previous presidents aged more over eight years than Trump has in less than three years, which, for some reason, is notable to Cuomo.

"Now while I wish poor sleep on no man, maybe this president could use a sleepless night or two, less executive time, fewer hours in front of the TV and on the golf course," Cuomo said. "Maybe he should focus on fixing things, carrying that burden. Because that's the job, and it should get hard."

Chris Cuomo to Trump: 'Care More,' Sleep Lessyoutu.be

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