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A ‘Christian’ abortionist admits to killing tens of thousands of ‘human beings’ in viral video: ‘What does it matter?’


This is pretty appalling

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Dr. Willie Parker, an OB/GYN and abortionist who considers himself a Christian, recently admitted to killing thousands of what he admitted were human beings during abortions.

Parker is also the medical director at a Washington, D.C.-area Planned Parenthood clinic.

What are the details?

Parker, an outspoken advocate of the pro-choice movement, was involved in a filmed debate last week at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington co-sponsored by Colorado Springs-based Summit Ministries.

During a debate with Dr. Mike Adams — a pro-life apologetics instructor and professor of criminology at the school — Parker admitted that abortions kill innocent human beings.

"There is no moral right to intentionally kill an innocent human being, even if it makes you freer or happier," Adams said. "If we did that, it would negate all rights for everyone, including the right to life."

Parker responded, "It is wrong to kill an innocent human being, I agree. ... Abortion kills a human being, I agree. When I do an abortion, I am clear what [the patient] is asking me to do for her. I am clear that she is asking me to remove a fetus from her. I am clear that, in your terms, it is intentional killing of a fetus."

Adams went on to press Parker for specifics on how the procedure is completed and what happens to the unborn child.

"What does it matter?" Parker asked repeatedly in response.

Adams answered, "My point is that [abortion] intentionally kills an innocent human being. Would you concede that point?"

Parker did.

"My first concession was to your first two syllogisms: that abortion kills a human being; it is the intentional disruption of a pregnancy, it kills a human being," he responded.

What else?

Parker later went on to admit that he's ended the lives of at least 30,000 innocent children.

"How many human beings have you intentionally killed in your life's work?" Adams asked. Parker began to waffle back and forth on his answer, and Adams struck while the iron was hot.

"You've lost count," Adams marveled. "10,000?"

Parker fired back, "20,000. 30,000. What's the difference?"

Adams had the perfect response for Parker.

"What's the difference between 20,000 and 30,000?" Adams asked. "10,000 dead human beings."

You can watch the full two-hour video of the debate here.

Practicing Abortionist: "Abortion kills a human being."

(H/T: The Daily Wire)

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