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Entrepreneur starts pro-life bank to aid Christian nonprofits rather than Planned Parenthood

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Nick Vujicic, an internationally known Christian evangelist and entrepreneur, was sick and tired of major banks in the United States supporting Planned Parenthood. So he decided to start a bank that would donate profits to pro-life organizations instead.

The evangelist told the Christian Post recently that "most banks — 90%, in fact — give philanthropically toward abortion," which means that an unimaginable amount of "God's money" is constantly being used to fund the killing of unborn children.

According to the Post, it was that "sobering reality" that led Vujicic to partner with Network Medical Women's Center Executive Director Betsy Gray to found a "pro-life bank."

The financial institution, conveniently called ProLife Bank, is not a for-profit bank but a for-giving bank that will donate "50% net profits to Judeo-Christian-aligned-nonprofit organizations to further the Kingdom of God," he explained.

Unlike Bank of America, which directly supports Planned Parenthood's abortion agenda through event sponsorship and gift matching, ProLife Bank assures customers that its profits will go towards pro-life causes.

"Just like Noah saved lives, so we're going to save lives with ProLife Bank," Vujicic said. "It's based on the understanding that God wants to take back His role and redistribute it through His faithful students."

Vujicic — a married father of four who was born without arms or legs due to a rare genetic disorder known as tetra-amelia syndrome — feels that he is uniquely positioned to speak on issues such as abortion, adoption, and the foster care system. And so he is.

He told the Post that "in America, there have been 77 million abortions — that's 23% of our population" and that "one in three Christians has had an abortion," figures that ought to "rattle the cages of the church."

"You can't afford not to tell people that half the abortions in America are done by a Christian," he said.

"I think America is going to have a rude awakening," added the evangelist, who has preached the gospel to millions around the world. But he noted that he is still optimistic that real change can happen in the country as it pertains to protecting the sanctity of life.

"It was evident to me that this is an issue close to the Lord's heart," Vujicic said. "The last 20 years of my life was sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to millions around the world. The next 20 years will be, preach where I can, but also bring change, tangibly."

According to the bank's website, the proposed institution is "coming ASAP." Those interested can sign up with their names and email addresses to be notified when the launch officially happens.

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