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College students aren't about to give credit to President Trump for killing of terrorist leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi


'F*** Donald Trump'

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Given most college students — particularly the "woke" variety — aren't fans of President Donald Trump, you can probably imagine how they'd respond when asked if Trump deserves any credit for the killing of ISIS leader and ruthless terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

But Campus Reform digital reporter Eduardo Neret decided to wade into the left-wing waters anyway and headed to Georgetown University this week to ask students that very question.

And yeah, you guessed it — for the most part, they weren't about to praise the president.

How did they respond?

  • "F*** Donald Trump," one student told Neret just inches from his microphone before pulling back and smiling.
  • "I mean, I guess it happened despite him ... He didn't f*** it up too bad," another student said of Trump.
  • "I don't think he really knew what was going on, and I don't think he really ordered anything," yet another Georgetown student told Neret.
  • "OK, great, whatever, but still it's someone dying," another student said. "He was a bad person, I guess."

Other students said the troops who carried out the mission deserve the praise.

"I think it's the troops who actually did the real work that deserve the credit," one student said.

Still others liked how former President Barack Obama delivered the announcement of Osama bin Laden's death several years ago in comparison to Trump's brutal address.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Obama was all about "respecting the dignity of a human life" and avoided "shoving" bin Laden's killing "in everyone's faces," one student said. Another remarked that Obama handled the announcement with "more grace and presidential leadership than Trump did."

But the same student who remarked "f*** Donald Trump" added that he believes Obama deserves credit while Trump doesn't — and that he's knows he's a "hypocrite" for taking such a stance.

Lone voice in the left-wing wilderness

But Neret did run into one student who didn't seem ravenous for Trump's blood.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

In fact, she said the president actually deserves credit for al-Baghdadi's death — and that Trump has "done a lot of great things with our military" as well.

Here's the clip:

Students deny Trump credit for Baghdadi death...but praise Obama for bin Laden raid

The reporter speaks

Neret on Wednesday morning told Fox News that students' "hatred" of the president represents a "double standard" as well as a nasty case of "Trump Derangement Syndrome."

He added that "professors are out on the record telling students 'President Trump is like Hitler; President Trump is a Nazi'" — and not to mention the anti-Trump bias seen in mainstream news as well as on social media.

"If you're getting this information in every aspect of your daily life, you're not going to get another viewpoint," he explained.

Eduardo Neret reacts to students not crediting Trump with ISIS leader's death

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