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College giving 'fully vaccinated' students 'special' lanyards to wear in lieu of masks that reportedly say 'doing my part!' All others must mask up.

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A private Christian college in Virginia is giving vaccinated students "special" lanyards to wear in lieu of masks so members of the campus community can better "discern who should be wearing a mask" and physically distancing.

What are the details?

Emory & Henry College posted a vaccination policy message to students earlier this month saying it's "providing all who are fully vaccinated with a special lanyard that must be worn on campus."

According to Young America's Foundation, the customized lanyards will state "#Vaccinated" and "doing my part!"

More from Dean of Students Tracey L. Wright's letter:

This decision allows everyone an easy way to discern who should be wearing a mask and physically distance themselves from others. Any fully vaccinated person who forgets their lanyards is required to wear a facial covering and physically distance. Everyone still has the option of wearing a mask, as I and others still do in certain environments, despite the fact that I am fully vaccinated.

For students who are currently on campus who have already submitted your documentation, you may contact me to arrange a time to pick up your lanyard. For those who will not be on campus until this fall, I will send out information regarding where you can pick up your lanyard on the day that you check-in.

What else does the vaccination policy say?

Emory & Henry is requiring all students to be vaccinated if they live on campus, play on NCAA athletic teams, or are involved with affinity groups, club sports, the equestrian team, active student organizations, fraternities, sororities — as well as if they represent the college in any visual or performing arts program. In addition, all health science and nursing students must be vaccinated.

All students must report their vaccination status no later than July 1, the letter adds.

There are religious and medical exemptions available, but all medical exemption requests require documentation from health care professionals, and all religious exemption requests must be notarized, the letter also indicates. In addition, "should you be granted an exemption, you will be required to wear a facial covering at all times in enclosed spaces until the CDC indicates otherwise."

YAF said the college didn't return its request for comment on the matter.

Anything else?

Emory & Henry's mission statement says the college was named after Methodist Bishop John Emory and Gov. Patrick Henry and that it "affirm[s] the Christian faith as our spiritual and moral heritage and encourage all our members to grow in faith as they grow in knowledge."

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