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'Something that is out of our galaxy': GOP congressman says gov't covers up UFO truth because 'something's going on that we can't handle'
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'Something that is out of our galaxy': GOP congressman says gov't covers up UFO truth because 'something's going on that we can't handle'

Federal lawmakers received a classified meeting Wednesday morning about an upcoming Pentagon report about UFOs, and left the meeting calling it "interesting" and saying it raises "legitimate questions" about U.S. safety, the Sun reported.

Though they didn't reveal details from the meeting, some did voice concerns. One of those lawmakers was Tennessee Republican Rep. Tim Burchett, the paper said.

In a brief on-the-street interview with TMZ, he explained that he believed that, if UFO technology is real, it's not something from Russia, as some analysts have surmised, and that it's not even from our galaxy.

"If the Russians had UFO technology, I mean, they would own us right now," Burchett told TMZ. "It has to be something that is out of our galaxy, it just has to be if it, in fact, is real."

He's also tired of the broken promises from leaders, including former President Donald Trump, who claim they will release UFO files to the public and then never do.

And he's pretty sure he knows why: We can't handle the truth.

"They always say they're going do something about it, and then they get in office — and honestly, I thought Trump was going to do something, thought he was going to release the files," Burchett said. "But you know, they release these files that are redacted. It's just a big blob of white out. Clearly, something's going on that we can't handle."

No one should be surprised that UFOs exist he added, since "UFOs were in the Bible."

"Read Ezekiel," he continued. "It talks about the wheel flying around. So I mean, they've been around since we've been around, and somebody needs to come up with some answers."

The lawmaker is not convinced the government actually will ever let the public know what's in the forthcoming report, which will give Americans just another reason to distrust their legislature.

Asked about the Pentagon report that is scheduled to be released before the end of June, Burchett answered, "I don't believe it."

"I think Roswell was covered up," he continued. "You know, more people believe in UFOs than believe in Congress for good reason because of the jackleg stuff we do like that. We talked about 'we're going to release it' and then we never do, or we release something that is so redacted that is just ridiculous."

He cited the Air Force's "big cover up" of the 1947 Roswell, New Mexico, incident, saying people who were responsible for issuing reports to the public weren't serious about their duties.

"Nobody took it serious," Burchett said. "They ought to take it serious. The American public wants to know, and frankly, we deserve to know."

He concluded with a lament that no leader has had the courage to release the truth about UFOs (and the Kennedy assassination).

"We haven't had a president with enough guts to do it just yet," Burchett said.

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