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County commissioner in Georgia loses vice chair position over violent behavior after night at the bar; she now plans to sue
Composite screenshot of Clayton County website and WSB-TV YouTube video (pictured: Felicia Franklin)

County commissioner in Georgia loses vice chair position over violent behavior after night at the bar; she now plans to sue

A county commissioner in Georgia lost her seat as vice chair after she displayed violent behavior after a night of drinking several weeks ago. Now she plans to sue to get her position back.

On September 29, Felicia Franklin, then the vice chair of the Board of Commissioners for Clayton County, headed out for a night of fun at 404 Sports Bar and Grill in Morrow, Georgia, about 15 miles south of Atlanta. The night didn't go as planned, however, and cops later discovered Franklin passed out on the ground just outside the establishment.

When medics arrived to render assistance, Franklin became increasingly belligerent, police bodycam video showed. She even apparently struck an EMT and screamed at him to "get the f*** out of [her] face." When a policeman then warned her that she was on the verge of being taken to jail, she replied, "I don't give a f***! Get [the EMT] out of my face!"

A few days later, the story took an unexpected turn when Franklin wrote on Facebook that she had been "drugged with a GHB pill, more commonly known as the 'date rape pill'" at the bar that night. "I was safe and did not leave the facility until Morrow EMT medical professionals arrived and rendered emergency support," her post continued.

"While I am still processing the details, I am committed to shedding light on this issue."

She cited unnamed "medical professionals" to support her claim, and footage from the evening did capture Franklin saying, "I don’t know what they gave me," and asking for her mother. "Don’t leave me, don’t leave me," she likewise said in the ambulance.

However, an investigation into the events that evening showed no evidence that she had been drugged, police said. Instead, it indicated that Franklin became heavily intoxicated as a result of her choices.

Security footage from the bar that night revealed that Franklin consumed multiple alcoholic beverages, including three drinks known as "That's a home run," which contains 40-proof Hennessy and Grand Marnier. She also ordered a nine-ounce glass of wine.

"She had probably three and a half, four drinks, then a swig of beer," claimed Sgt. Scott Stewart of the Morrow Police Department.

Her tab indicated that she actually ordered five drinks, though she later denied that she drank all of them herself. She suggested to police that she must have purchased drinks for other people. She paid the bill with a credit card associated with the Committee to Elect Felicia, WSB-TV reported.

Sgt. Stewart also subpoenaed Southern Regional Hospital for the results of the medical tests Franklin underwent that night. According to Stewart, Franklin refused a blood test, but hospital staff did conduct a urinalysis. "The urinalysis showed positive for cannabinoids, also known as cannabis," Stewart claimed.

Despite her disorderly behavior, the EMT declined to press charges, and police now consider the case "closed."

The police may have closed Franklin's case on their end, but the county commissioners had not. In late October during a board meeting that Franklin did not attend, the other commissioners discussed the video of Franklin's behavior that evening. Members of the public also had time to speak on the issue as well. Some expressed outrage that Franklin had not been charged with any crime in connection with the incident, while others argued that Franklin's unsubstantiated claims about drugs unfairly sullied the reputation of the bar and its owner.

"She's now caused this man to lose business," said one frustrated resident.

During the meeting, the other commissioners voted unanimously to remove Franklin from the vice chair position. "The video spoke for itself. What more can we say?" Chairman Jeff Turner said afterward.

Franklin remains defiant, claiming earlier this month that she plans to sue the board for wrongful termination. Whether that suit has officially been filed is unclear.

Franklin has also launched a campaign to become chair of the board in 2024 and, according to her website, has made transparency in government a major focus. "I strongly believe in the importance of transparency and open communication in governance. I will actively engage with residents, fostering a culture of inclusion and ensuring that your voices are heard and considered in decision-making processes," the website said.

404 Sports Bar and Grill also issued a statement about Franklin and her accusations regarding GHB. "We assure you that the safety and well-being of our patrons have always been and will continue to be our top priority," the statement said.

"The recent police investigation was an unfortunate and unforeseen event, but we are grateful for the swift response and thorough investigation conducted by the authorities. We are pleased to inform you that the matter has been resolved," the statement concluded.

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