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Dad’s punishment for bullying goes viral after he demands 10-year-old walk 5 miles to school in freezing temps


This Ohio dad isn't messing around.

An Ohio dad follows behind his daughter to teach her a lesson that she'll likely never forget. (Image source: Facebook video screenshot)

Ohio dad Matt Cox taught his daughter a lesson that she'll likely never forget.

Earlier this month, Cox's 10-year-old daughter was kicked off the school bus for bullying. According to Cox, it was the second time his daughter was temporarily removed from the bus for such behavior.

So what did he do?

As her punishment, Cox made his daughter walk five miles to school as a punishment for receiving a three-day bus suspension. Her five-mile punishment was broken up over the three days.

With the temperatures near freezing, Cox followed closely behind his daughter in his car.

Cox shared the video to his Facebook page on Monday, and at the time of this writing, the video has been viewed over 15 million times.

He captioned the video, "lesson learned! Still has all her extremities intact is happy and healthy and seems to have a new outlook on bullying as well as a new appreciation for some of the simple things in life she used to take for granted #HOLDOURKIDSACOUNTABLE #STOPBULLYING."

What did the dad say?

Cox narrates the video, in which he describes his zero-tolerance policy for bullying.

"I know a lot of you parents are not going to agree with this and that's alright," Cox can be heard saying during the video, which runs nearly two minutes. "I am doing what I think is right to teach my daughter a lesson to stop her from bullying."

Cox told WTVG-TV that he wanted to use his daughter as an example.

"Parents need to hold their kids accountable," Cox said. "That was me showing how I hold my kid accountable. I'm not going to be another parent that's just going to brush things under the rug and say kids will be kids.

"I just want the kids to know that words truly do hurt," he added. "They cut very deep and have lasting effects. I hope that parents hold their kids accountable."

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