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Daily Beast publishes bizarre hit piece against Howard Schultz, and even liberals are mocking it


They must be very worried about his presidential run

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Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has faced a lot of criticism since he announced his intention to run for president in 2020, but surely the most bizarre accusation is the one from The Daily Beast about the music at the coffee store being racist.

The piece titled, "The Starbucks Music Store Under Howard Schultz Was Painfully White," criticized Schultz for the music choice at his stores being too white.

More specifically, that it didn't have enough hip-hop music.

The analysis included 262 records sold through Starbucks over 10 years.

"The single-artist albums, though, are overwhelmingly from white musicians, according to a review by The Daily Beast," the analysis read.

"The only living black artists we could find among the 262 Starbucks releases were Herbie Hancock, Mary J. Blige, Sly & the Family Stone, Al Green, Beninese singer Angelique Kidjo, and jazz trio Soulive," it continued. "Blige is the youngest among those; she's 48 years old."

The hyper-racial analysis was widely mocked on social media.

"Exhibit A that evidence will be manufactured, as necessary," responded Rich Lowry of the National Review.

"DESTROY HIM," said Ben Shapiro with a link to the post.

"The Left has really lost its damn mind," said Federalist contributor Benjamin Weingarten.

"Horrors! This gets the Daily Beast more riled up than Congresswomen who support terrorists and hate Jews," responded David Reaboi.

"This is insanely racist drivel masquerading as journalism," said Daily Wire contributor Harry Khachatrian. "Try swapping out 'white' with 'black', and read it back to yourself."

Even Black Lives Matter advocate DeRay McKesson thought it was odd.

"Schultz couldn't be farther from a good choice for President," he tweeted. "But this article is by far the most random I've seen."

Schultz has been criticized by many Democrats who say that his third party run would act as a "spoiler" in the 2020 election by siphoning votes away from the Democratic nominee, and swing the election to a victory for President Donald Trump.

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