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Dave Ramsey replies to social media outrage over his comments on the stimulus: 'I have upset and melted many snowflakes!'
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Dave Ramsey replies to social media outrage over his comments on the stimulus: 'I have upset and melted many snowflakes!'

'They can't fix your life... it's up to you to fix your life'

Personal finance guru Dave Ramsey was surprised when his comments against the proposed $600 stimulus went viral on Twitter and he offered a fiery response to all his critics.

"So apparently this is worth discussing. Because according to Twitter it's the number one thing on Twitter right now," Ramsey said on his show Thursday.

Ramsey had said in an interview earlier that he was opposed to a $600 stimulus relief check proposed by lawmakers.

"So I said on Fox News this morning, that I don't believe in the stimulus check because if you get $600 or $1,400 and it changes your life, you didn't have a life, you're already screwed," explained Ramsey.

"And apparently that's news to people. It's like, apparently, I have upset and melted many snowflakes!" he exclaimed.

"I mean, honestly, I thought it was a fairly obvious thing! If $600 changes your life, your life really sucks! You don't have a life, you're screwed!" he added.

Ramsey jokingly referred to himself as an "elite boomer" when explaining the outrage against him to his co-host, John Deloney.

"If you really believe $600 is going to change your life, you're an idiot! Really!" he added. "I mean I've been broke, and I never even then thought $600 would change my life, back when $600 was a lot of money!"

Ramsey went on to explain that he wasn't intending to "poor-shame" people, as his critics accused, but only pointing out that many people needed to improve their financial standing so that they wouldn't depend on a check from the government to improve their lives.

"My point is that they're lying to you, they're not really helping you!" Ramsey said of the government.

"You already had major structural crap in your life, you're struggling with mental illness, you've struggling with a career problem, you're struggling with a work ethic problem, with character issues," he explained.

"The point is you're looking to government to fix your life," Ramsey continued, "and as long as you wait on Washington, D.C., to save your life, you're gonna suck, your life is gonna suck!"

Ramsey said that people needed to save money and get out of debt in order to not depend on the government.

"I dared to suggest that the government is not going to fix your life, I dared to suggest that they can't fix your life, that it's up to you to fix your life, and you're not gonna have a good life as long as you wait on them to fix it," he said. "I dared to suggest that, and so snowflakes are melting everywhere, they are going bananas!"

Ramsey included both Republicans and Democrats in his estimation of government, and also spoke about the bad habits and actions that led to him being bankrupt and how he changed his behavior to take responsibility for his own life.

Here's the response from Dave Ramsey:

If a $600 Stimulus Check Changes Your Life, Then You're Already Screwed!youtu.be

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