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Dem. lawmaker sorry after getting ripped for threatening anti-Democrat businesses: 'Bet I could kick your fat ass'


Hard to take that any other way

Image source: YouTube screenshot

A Pennsylvania state representative from Lackawanna County is under fire after appearing to threaten a boycott of local anti-Democrat businesses.

He also allegedly threatened a local resident with violence.

What are the details?

In a Facebook post on his personal page, Lackawanna County Rep. Marty Flynn (D) wrote, "Keep talking about how bad we Democrats are and WE will STOP supporting YOUR businesses! You want to make it PERSONAL and we WILL!"

The post, which has since been deleted, caught the attention of Scranton, Pennsylvania, locals, sparking a backlash against the lawmaker.

In response, Friends of the Scranton Police Department called for Flynn's resignation.

According to one screenshot shared by the group, Flynn reportedly threatened at least one commenter, writing, "[M]aybe you can buy me 5times [sic] over but I bet I could kick your fat ass up and Down the street until you shut your fat mouth!!!!"

A post from the group read, "Threatening to assault your constituents, the same people that put you in office. Shame on you Mr. Flynn! ALL respect for you has been lost! You should resign immediately!"

What else?

According to Go Lackawanna, William Kresge — who is seeking the Republican nomination for Flynn's district — added, "Threatening business owners is not only unbecoming of an elected official but truly hypocritical of one who is tasked with the recovery of our economy here in Northeast Pennsylvania."

"In times of crisis, we need strong and ethical leadership from our elected officials. We entrust them to do the right thing for all constituents and not just those they agree with," Kresge continued. "During these difficult times, we need someone in office who is a unifier, not a divider[.] We must work to protect lives and livelihoods so we can emerge from this pandemic stronger and more unified."

What did Flynn say next?

In a Facebook post, the county lawmaker wrote, "Earlier tonight I posted on my personal page a reaction to three business owners that basically shared the same meme about how Democrats are 'evil' to which I responded negatively, implying that we shouldn't support (patronize) them. This was juvenile taking anyone's political criticism, no matter how low, personal."

"Even though I was venting about three people and my result of offending more people is well deserved. I'm SORRY and I should have been more thoughtful," he concluded.

TheBlaze has reached out to Flynn for further comment.

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