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Democrats don 'ABORTION' pins with heart-shaped cutouts

Jemal Countess/Getty Images for SEIU

Democratic lawmakers are openly touting their pro-choice position by donning "ABORTION" pins.

Leftist Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts announced that he wore an "ABORTION" pin to President Joe Biden's State of the Union address on Tuesday — the lawmaker posted a photo of the pin, which spells out the word "ABORTION" and features a heart-shaped cut out in one of the letters.

"I'm wearing my abortion pin from @PPFA to tonight's State of the Union address. Abortion is essential healthcare and we need to codify this right," the Democrat tweeted.

The stunt elicited reactions of revulsion from many on social media, with Ben Shapiro calling the move "vile" and the House Judiciary GOP account labeling it "disgusting."

"What's disgusting is the GOP's obsession with controlling people’s bodies," Markey responded.

Others also commented on the senator's pro-abortion post.

"Democrat man wears pin showing his love of abortion, which violently ends human life in the mother's womb," Mollie Hemingway tweeted.

Circling the heart-shaped cutout in the pin, LifeNews.com noted, "Actually, abortion stops a beating heart."

"Love the cute little heart! WHOOPS! Next year why not just rebrand it as KILLKIDZ? And add a fun rainbow GROOMER pin!" Eric Metaxas sarcastically wrote.

"Nobody wears an American flag pin because they want patriotism to be safe, legal & rare," Dan McLaughlin tweeted.

In addition to wearing the pin, Markey said that he brought an "abortion rights activist" to the speech as his guest.

Democratic Rep. Madeleine Dean of Pennsylvania also posted a photo of herself sporting one of the pins. "I say the word, I wear the word. Abortion care is health care. Abortion care saves lives," Dean tweeted on Tuesday. She chose an "abortion patient advocate" as her State of the Union guest.

"Every abortion stops a beating heart. Pretty ghoulish to support violence in the womb," Hemingway pointed out in response to Dean's post.

"Because the Republican agenda is to keep our union divided, then it must be through the pursuit of justice that we will heal and strengthen it—economic justice, climate justice, health justice, and racial justice. That is the commitment President Biden is delivering on, and the future that Democrats in Congress must continue to build," Markey said in a statement on Tuesday.

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