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Angry demonstrators swarm, scream at NYC diners: 'We don't want your f***ing taqueria, owned by f***ing white men!'


'Stay the f*** outta New York!'

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

Demonstrators swarmed people dining outside of a Brooklyn taqueria, according to the New York Post, demanding they take their business elsewhere.

What are the details?

Dozens of protesters gathered outside of the Maya Taqueria in Prospect Heights on Tuesday following the guilty verdicts of Minneapolis former police Officer Derek Chauvin, demanding the outdoor diners leave.

Newsweek reported that the protesters, purported to be with NYC group Shut it Down, stopped outside of the restaurant to "castigate the outdoor diners."

"Stay the f*** outta New York!" some could be heard shouting, while others chanted, "We don't want you here!"

"We don't want your f***ing money! We don't want your f***ing taqueria, owned by f***ing white men!" the apparent leader screamed at the customers.

A video obtained by the Post showed the melee unfolding, and author Andy Ngo also tweeted footage of the protest, captioning it, "New York: #BLM protesters tell white people dining outside to 'get the f— out of New York' & that their white-owned taquerias aren't welcomed. The crowd chant [sic] along."

(Content warning: Rough language):

What else?

Earlier in April, the owner, Daniel Nassar, said that the restaurant's staffers relied on a paycheck to survive during the pandemic.

"Some of our biggest concerns relating to COVID-19 have been just how much everybody relies on us," he said in a recent interview with ChowNow. "I think we ultimately face that when we see that there's employees that need their paychecks on a weekly basis to support their families, as well as keeping up with our bills and our vendors. Online ordering is here to stay and I think that if customers are able to order better through Maya Taqueria directly, or any restaurant directly, or through online platforms like ChowNow, it'll help us save our profits rather than giving them away to third-party platforms that are commission-based."

(Content warning: Rough language):

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