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Dallas deputies hired to guard a tornado-damaged Home Depot were arrested for robbing the store themselves


Classic case of foxes guarding the hen house.

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Two sheriff's deputies were arrested for allegedly stealing from a tornado-damaged Home Depot that they were hired to protect from thieves.

The Home Depot partially collapsed when it was struck by a tornado in October in Dallas. Deputy Joseph Bobadilla and Sergeant Rebecca Evans were hired to protect the store while off-duty.

Both were charged with felony theft of property after it was discovered that Bobadilla was returning stolen items to other Home Depot locations, receiving store credit, and spending it on appliances.

Deputies executed a search warrant at Bobadilla's home and hauled out numerous appliances that were allegedly stolen.

"I can't believe he did that. I can't believe it. It's still shocking. They're bringing out evidence, a lot of it," said Monique Scott, one of Bobadilla's neighbors.

"When they pulled up, it was like 15, 16, maybe 17 Dallas sheriff trucks, then I saw unmarked cars, then I saw them go into the yard over there," she added. "I thought it was a raid or something."

Bobadilla and Evans have been charged with felony theft of property.

A statement from the Dallas Sheriff's Office indicated that the officers were going to be held responsible for their actions.

"The Dallas Sheriff's Office does not condone or support employees that break the law," read their statement. "Our core values are integrity, professionalism and accountability and as a result, we will follow the proper procedures and guidelines in place to uphold the law and ensure the deputy is held responsible for his actions."

A third officer, who lives with Bobadilla, might also be charged in the scheme.

Here's a local news story about the theft:

Deputies Arrested For Theft At Dallas Home Depot Implicate Each Other www.youtube.com

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