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Pro-Trump duo Diamond and Silk imply Fox News was racist for firing them


The claims are made in their new book

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The pro-Trump duo, Diamond and Silk, implied that Fox News was animated by "systemic racism" when the news network parted ways with them in April.

The sisters, whose real names are Lynette "Diamond" Hardaway and Rochelle "Silk" Richardson, made the accusation in their upcoming book titled, 'Uprising: Who the Hell Said You Can't Ditch and Switch?—The Awakening of Diamond and Silk."

Hardaway and Richardson fumed in their book that the network didn't defend them against accusations published in The Daily Beast and instead axed their business relationship. An excerpt of the book with the claims was obtained by The Daily Beast.

"I was furious," wrote Hardaway. "Where the hell was Fox? Where was their PR department? Why the hell didn't they correct the lies published by The Daily Beast? Why didn't Fox speak up?"

The Daily Beast reported that Diamond and Silk was axed at Fox News because of spurious claims they made about the coronavirus pandemic being a hoax conjured up to damage President Donald Trump.

"I was so overwhelmed that it brought me to tears because we had done nothing wrong. Not one time did Fox News inform us or reprimand us for anything," Hardaway continued.

'The systemic racism'

Later in the book, they wonder aloud why white Fox News hosts were allowed to make similar claims to those that got them fired.

"Here is the crazy thing, y'all. Fox News hosts like Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham were questioning the same things we were questioning about the virus and pandemic. The very same questions we had raised were being discussed openly on Fox News," Richardson writes in the book.

"Why were our Fox Nation videos dialed back because they were deemed overly political," she continued, "but it was okay for others on the network to talk about politics, even down to asking some of the same questions we had? Why were we such a threat? We only did one video every week, and it was hidden behind a paid subscription wall. When you really think about it, was this part of the systemic racism that everybody was talking about?"

Hardaway has similar thoughts, according the leaked except.

"How in the hell was it OK for for [sic] the white show host to ask the same questions and talk about the same things that we were speaking about, but our video content was dialed back for being overly political? We were all asking the same questions and talking about the same thing," she wrote.

A Fox News spokesperson declined to comment on the sisters' comments.

In another section of the book, the duo claimed that they were offered $150,000 to stop supporting Trump but they refused.

Here's a video of Diamond and Silk on Fox News:

Diamond & Silk: Trump is not a racist; he's a realist www.youtube.com

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