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Chilling doorbell video captures woman screaming for help from speeding car in what may be a kidnapping


Police had to reopen the case after the video surfaced

Image Source: YouTube screenshot

A chilling video was captured on a doorbell camera in Los Angeles, California, and many believe it might be evidence of a kidnapping.

The harrowing event was recorded on Tuesday at about 11 p.m. and made headlines nationally.

A woman is clearly heard screaming "help me!" and "somebody please help me!" on the video.

The voice of a man can also be heard saying "I'm so sorry."

The resident of the home that captured the video can be seen in the video stepping onto her front porch just as the car rushes by quickly.

Officers from the LAPD responded to reports of a kidnapping but found no evidence of a crime. However, after they saw the doorbell video, the case was reopened.

A neighbor down the street from the home said that she saw a man aggressively grabbing a woman by the hair in a car just before it sped away.

Witnesses say the car might have been a four-door white Prius, and it could have plastic wrap for one of the car windows.

Officers are canvassing the neighborhood for clues about the altercation.

Here's the chilling doorbell video:

Did a Doorbell Camera Capture a Woman Screaming for Help?www.youtube.com

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