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Ex-CBS correspondent Lara Logan tells Sean Hannity that she is being targeted after blasting the media as 'mostly liberal'


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Former CBS foreign correspondent Lara Logan told Fox News host Sean Hannity that her controversial interview in which she trashed the media as "mostly liberal" has garnered her some negative attention.

What are the details?

On Wednesday night, Logan told Hannity that her Friday interview on retired Navy SEAL Mike Ritland's "Mike Drop" podcast made more than just waves.

During the interview with Ritland, Logan said the U.S. and world media report news with a liberal slant.

Logan defended those remarks on Hannity's show, and said that she's been targeted for the interview, and would likely continue to be targeted.

"Any journalists who are not beating the same drum and giving the same talking points ... pay the price," Logan said.

"I know they're going to come after me," she added. "Michael Calderone, who is at the Huffington Post. I can give you the script now. I can tell you who the players are. Joe Hagan. Brian Stelter."

"They smear you personally," Logan explained. "They go after your integrity. They go after your reputation as a person and a professional. They will stop at nothing."

Logan added that she isn't the only one to have been targeted in such a way, but did not point out specific people.

"I am not the only one. And I am just, I am done, right, I am tired of it. And they do not get to write my story anymore," she insisted. "They don't get to speak for me, I want to say loudly and clearly to anybody who is listening, I am not owned. Nobody owns me, right? I'm not owned by the left or the right."

Lara Logan doubles down on media bias claims on Fox News' "Hannity"

What else?

During the Friday interview with Ritland, Logan also pointed out that the media's coverage of President Donald Trump is skewed, noting that the responsibility for fake news lies with the media.

"[T]here's no gray," she said. "It's all one way. ... If it doesn't match real life, something's wrong."

"Responsibility for fake news begins with us," Logan insisted. "We bear some responsibility for that, and we're not taking ownership of that and addressing it. We just want to blame it all on somebody else.

"We've become political activists," she continued, "and some could argue propagandists, and there's some merit to that."

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