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'F*** 'em! Shoot the cops!': Bystander caught on video egging on gang member in shootout with NYPD, wishing death upon officers


'Don't give up — just shoot!'

Image source: YouTube screenshot

A bystander was caught on cellphone video egging on a gang member in a shootout with New York City police last week, yelling across a street at the suspect to not give up and shoot all the cops who descended upon the scene, the New York Post reported.

Trinitarios gang member Luis Leizado shot an NYPD officer before other cops killed Leizado during Thursday's shootout in an upper Manhattan parking lot, the paper said.

The wounded officer — Justin Vartanian, 34 — was hit in the arm, taken to a hospital, and released the next day, the Post reported, adding that he's expected to make a full recovery.

What did the bystander yell?

But while the gang member was still drawing breath during the Washington Heights shootout, video showed the bystander shouting encouragement to him to kill police.

"Nah, don't give up! Shoot all them n****s!" the bystander can be heard shouting on video, the paper noted. The bystander also called the officers "bitches" and one in particular a "bald-headed bastard."

The police were ordering the gang member to give himself up, but the bystander yelled to Leizado to not turn over his gun: "Don't drop it!"

"F*** 'em! Shoot the cops! Don't give up — just shoot!" he added, the Post said. "Shoot n***a, shoot the cops! F*** 'em!"

The bystander also wished death upon the officers — "I hope all y'all die!" — and told the gang member, "Don't cover up!" and "don't give up!"

Anything else?

Sources told the Post that police shared video of the bystander on social media "to let everyone know what a piece of s**t a**hole this guy is."

"Let's make this outstanding piece of s**t famous," one Facebook post said, the paper reported, along with a screenshot of the bystander.

Here's the clip:

Bystander Eggs On Suspect Shooting At NYPD In Washington Heights

(H/T: Blue Lives Matter)

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