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Fauci: Mask 'recommendation' possible under 'certain circumstances'

Image via ABC This Week (screenshot)

Anthony Fauci said in a recent interview on ABC that he could see the possibility of federal mask recommendations returning due to an "uptick" in COVID-19 cases. However, he does not predict federal mask mandates will return and said he would be "extremely surprised" if one was implemented.

Former White House chief medical adviser Fauci spoke to host Jon Karl on "ABC This Week." Karl asked Fauci whether he thought CDC guidelines should be revamped to adjust masking recommendations, after airing a clip in which President Biden said he technically should be wearing a mask.

"They keep telling me because this has to be 10 days or something I got to keep wearing [a mask], but don't tell them I didn't have it on when I walked in," Biden joked in the video.

"Under current CDC guidelines he should be wearing a mask indoors, because, obviously, close contact with the first lady. Is it time for those guidelines to be revamped? Are they out of date?" Karl asked.

Not breaking ranks, Fauci defended the CDC and said officials consistently "relook" at the guidelines to keep them up to date with "current scientific knowledge."

Fauci then warned of an "uptick in cases which is being reflected by an uptick [of] about 17 or more percent in hospitalizations."

Much different from a year ago, Fauci recognized immunity levels for "people who've been vaccinated, boosted, [and] people [who] have been infected ... the chances of this being an overwhelming rush of cases and hospitalizations is probably low."

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Fauci took the opportunity to promote an upcoming vaccine, which he boasted would cover a whole new range of COVID-19 variants: "We're going to have boosters available shortly, within a week or two, hopefully before the end of September ... which is going to be pretty well matched to the kinds of viruses that are now circulating."

Host Karl asked the former government official if he would confirm that there would be no mask requirements moving forward.

"You've also said we're not going to go back to the time of federal mask mandates. That's a thing of the past?"

"I know I don't see that in the future at all," Fauci began. "I mean, I can see that if we get a significant uptick in cases that you may see the recommendation that masks be used under certain circumstances and indoor crowded settings, but I don't see there being, certainly, not federal mandates."

Fauci said he would "be extremely surprised" if mandates were rolled out but could see some "local organizations" requiring masks.

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