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FedEx faces online furor for firing black drivers who posted viral video of altercation with a white customer


It's unclear how the disagreement began

Composite Image Source: Twitter video screenshots

FedEx is facing calls for a boycott after they fired two black drivers who posted video of their altercation with a white customer who videotaped them during a delivery.

The heated argument occurred in Leesburg, Georgia, and was recorded by one of the drivers who posted the video on Twitter.

One driver, identified only as Antonio, said that the customer cursed and yelled at them while they were trying to deliver a package. He claimed the man followed them outside and threatened to beat them and call the police.

The video shows the other driver, identified only as Felinzay, accosting the man who is also video-recording them.

Antonio claimed that the customer told the police he believed the two were intending to rob his home with his wife and children inside.

Social media users quickly jumped to criticize FedEx and some called for a boycott, which trended nationally on Wednesday. Many assumed that the motivation of the customer had been out of a racist attitude against the two drivers.

FedEx released a statement addressing the altercation but offering no further details.

"FedEx Ground expects the highest level of conduct from service providers and their employees," the statement read.

"We are aware of this incident and have reviewed the matter with the customer and the service provider business that employed the individuals depicted in the video," the statement concluded.

A social media website set up a GoFundMe donation page for the fired drivers, and it had raised more than $36,000 in less than 12 hours.

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