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First-grade teacher boasts about sexuality, lack of gender identity: 'My favorite moments are always when my students ask about my queerness'

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A purported first-grade teacher is making headlines after claiming that nothing makes them prouder than when their students "ask about my queerness."

It is not clear at the time of this reporting whether the teacher is biologically female or male.

What are the details?

The teacher, who goes by "Nalo" on Twitter, announced that they told students to refer to them as "professor" rather than "Mrs." or "Mr." because neither the formal feminine nor masculine term seemed to feel appropriate.

“My students call me Professor Nalo because I prefer not to use Mrs. or Mr. in my classroom," Nalo wrote. "I teach all subjects as a 1st grade teacher, but my favorite moments are always when my students ask about my queerness.”

Nalo added, "I was asked recently during a podcast interview why I don’t use Mrs. or Mr. to refer to myself, and I asked her why I needed to. She said ‘Don’t you think it’ll be hard for children to adjust?’”

The teacher pointed out the belief that their first-graders' "magic of curiosity" allows them to cope with the "complexities of human experiences."

"My students are 6-7 years old and they are still steeped in the magic of curiosity," they insisted and added that their students are fully aware that they have a wife and know that they are queer.

“My students know about and have met my wife at school, they know I’m queer, and the [students] will call ANYBODY out for calling me ‘Mrs.’ anything," the teacher boasted. "I told them my story once & never needed to say it again. If only adults adjusted as quickly and easily, it may save many of our lives.”

The teacher added that students are so gung-ho over the queerness that they even defend the teacher to their parents.

“When I had virtual conferences, anytime a parent mistook my title, my student would appear and say ‘No, it’s PROFESSOR Nalo’ and I would struggle so much to keep my bearing because they do not play bout me,” Nalo added. “It’s been such a wondrous experience to teach and learn with them, and I know the impact will make room for them to see beyond homo/transphobia to embrace nuance and complexity in the human experience.”

(H/T: The Daily Wire)

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