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First lady Melania Trump makes a political fashion statement at the SOTU — and liberals are angry about it


She upstaged a political stunt by Democrats

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First lady Melania Trump appeared to make another political statement through her fashion choices, and many on the left were enraged on social media over it.

Female Democratic lawmakers chose to wear white to the State of the Union speech as a show of support for the historical suffragette movement that led to women gaining voting rights.

Democratic Rep. Jennifer Wexton of Virginia tweeted photos of herself and the other Democratic women in white.

"Wearing suffragette white to send a clear message that this Congress stands with women," Wexton tweeted.

The first lady, on the other hand, chose to wear black.

Many on the left saw it as a challenge or an insult to the women who were wearing white in solidarity for women's rights, and they posted their concerns on social media.

"Melania in black. Well, that's a statement," said feminist Elizabeth McLaughlin.

"The contrast of Melania and Ivanka in black and the Democratic women in white is striking," said journalist Carla Day. "Dark vs. Light. Mourning vs. Hope."

Actress Bette Midler joked that the first lady was wearing black because she was mourning.

"Melania's wearing black," she tweeted. "I too am in mourning for my country."

Most of the Democratic women wearing white gave muted applause or ignored the first lady when she was applauded by the president at the beginning of his speech.

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