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Southwest flight attendant is in hot water over a Facebook comment about a passenger wearing a Trump shirt


"So this is how they treat passengers?"

Matt Nager/Bloomberg via Getty Images

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant is being investigated over a negative comment he made about a passenger who wore a pro-Trump t-shirt on her flight.

"Someone did NOT get my most Positively Outrageous Service today on my flight ... #notgoingtosuckitup #dumpTrump #eeew," read the comment.

It was accompanied by a photo of the passenger in aisle seat with a shirt that read, "Trump 45'' and "Suck it up Buttercup.''

Unfortunately for the flight attendant, a screenshot of the post made it to Mark Kaminski, a supporter of the president, who then demanded answers from the airline on their Facebook page.

"So this is how they treat passengers?" Kaminski asked.

Southwest Airlines responded quickly on their account with a short statement. "He should be fired because he can't do his job. Very sad employee.''

"We aim to provide outstanding service to all who travel with us and regret if we missed the mark," the statement read. "We appreciate you sharing your feedback."

Southwest then scrubbed the post and said they were investigating the matter.

"We aim to provide outstanding service to all who travel with us,'' said spokesman Chris Mainz in a statement to USA Today.

"The post in question does not reflect the inclusive environment we strive to provide for our customers and employees," he concluded.

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