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Former Hallmark actress defends both Candace Cameron Bure and 'the LGBT community'

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A former Hallmark actress, noted for her roles in wholesome Christmas movies, has come to the defense of another former Hallmark actress, as well as "the LGBT community."

Danica McKellar, 47, recently spoke to Fox News Digital about a controversy at her new network, Great American Family. Former Hallmark star and current GAF chief creative officer Candace Cameron Bure, who often speaks publicly about her deeply-held Christian beliefs, ruffled a lot of feathers last month when she stated: "I think that Great American Family will keep traditional marriage at the core."

After those comments, Neal Bledsoe, McKellar's male co-star in the recent GAF movie "Christmas at the Drive-In," decided to leave GAF.

"As an artist, I yearn to be proud of the work I create," Bledsoe told Variety recently. "But, the thought that my work could be used to deliberately discriminate against anyone horrifies and infuriates me."

"I hope GAF will change, but until everyone can be represented in their films with pride, my choice is clear," Bledsoe added.

When asked about Bledsoe's sudden departure from GAF, McKellar expressed affection for her former co-star, but also explained that she interpreted Bure's comments differently.

"Neal is a wonderful person," McKellar stated unequivocally. "He's such a great actor, and I have enjoyed working with him so much. He and I both share our love and support of the LGBT community, for sure."

However, she also added, "I don't agree with his interpretation of [Bure's] comments. I just didn't see them the same way.

"[Bure] started the sentence with ‘I think,’ which is not definitive," McKellar noted, "and she ended it with ‘at its core,’ which doesn't mean exclusively.

"I don't agree with his interpretation, but I love him to death and I wish him well," she concluded.

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After Bure made the comments back in November, McKellar took to Instagram to discuss her own understanding of Christianity and homosexual relationships.

"I'm a new Christian, and I'm so grateful for that. As I always have, I celebrate all forms of healthy love between adults, and I support representation," she wrote in part on November 23. In the post, she also discussed her participation in programs featuring same-sex relationships and her recent attendance at a same-sex "wedding" ceremony, which she called "one of the purest expressions of love [she] had ever seen."

"I'm still new to my faith journey, but as far as I can tell, Jesus loves and includes everyone. That's kind of His thing," she added.

The Hallmark Channel has come under fire recently for veering away from its traditional, wholesome content, and featuring so-called LGBTQ romances in much of its supposedly family-friendly movies. This year, it even created a Christmas movie with a same-sex romance as the main focus.

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